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Have any questions? We're here to help

Do you feel as a carer for a family member, loved one or friend, Lost, Alone and need help? Then make contact with the Medway 5 Carers group, we are here to assist you and provide you with a wealth of experience that cannot sometimes be too readily available by the health professionals.

Mental health is as important as physical health

The Medway 5 Carers Group is an informal and friendly support group whose members all care or have cared for someone with mental ill health. Within our meetings, we share experiences and provide advice and support, relating to all aspects of being a carer. We understand the difficulties and challenged of being a carer.

You are not alone

We also have guest speakers who visit to provide further information on what support there is for mental health sufferers and listen to feedback on current services provided. 
All information and experiences shared in the meetings are private and not shared with any other group or organisation. 

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Contact Medway 5 Carers' Group

The Brook Theatre, Old Town Hall, Chatham, Kent

07885617699 or 07399287017

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